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Welcome to Bacchanalia

Bacchanalia (the business, not the debauched Roman festival) was set up 10 years ago with the philosophy of sourcing the very best drinks we could find & selling them at a fair price.  In an age where branded discounted products are the norm, this has led to safe, bland uniformity, from mass produced, confected wine. to neutral over chilled beer.  At Bacchanalia we believe the true pleasure in wine & beer is their amazing diversity, subtlety & the very fact that these products are not the same year in year out, even from the same producer. These amazing products can bring great pleasure to our lives, be it a pleasant glass on your own, a few bottles with friends or that stunning special occasion bottle.

We spend the year tasting products (at least a gargantuan 1500 wines each a year & countless beers) to ensure that we have the very best products so you have a great bottle every time from us.

I will add a slight caveat, in that tasting wine & beer is a very subjective thing & so it is beneficial to find your particular favourite styles & we will help you hunt these down.  If not just leave it up to us & you won’t go far wrong.

Basically we love wine & beer, & from the inexpensive glugger to the most sophisticated of styles we are sure you’ll enjoy them as much as we have.

What's New at Bacchanalia

Wine Tasting Season

You can now follow our shenanigans on twitter, Bacchanalia_cam if you fancy it,
& on Facebook as Bacchanalia

Start of the year means wine tasting season, unfortunately for us, not you. This is the time of year that the great companies we buy from will often show their portfolios, so we head off to try a vast array of wines throughout January, Feb & March to choose the very best to fill our shops with.

We are proud to be UK importers for Rogue & De Molen breweries.

Rogue Beer
Rogue are a great brewery from Oregon in the US. They make a huge range of top quality beers from American IPAs to Chocolate Stouts. They are excellent at bottling beer, getting the flavour & conditioning spot on, & we also have some draught beer available in disposable key kegs.

De Molen Beer
De Molen are an amazing brewery from Holland, voted the 5th best brewery in the world 2012 on Ratebeer. Consistently brilliant quality, & often coming up with brand new beers, excellent in the bottle, & we also have key kegs of their wonderful stuff.

Konrad Beer
Konrad are a family run brewery from the Czech republic making classic style Czech lagers from light, to dark & strong, excellent in the bottle & keg & brilliant prices.

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